What things should you consider when choosing a dog bed?

With our dogs sleeping and resting for around 12-14 hours a day, of course we want to make sure they’re sleeping comfortably. After all, a quality bed will translate into quality sleep.


Very often we can be drawn to beds that match our decor, or have a nice print, but there are a few other things we should consider when choosing a new bed for our dogs.

There are many beds on the market, all filled with different materials. Some materials may have tendency to ‘clump’ leaving the bed lumpy and your dog unsupported. 

Memory foam beds are a good choice for dogs of all ages. They will provide even support for both the joints and spine. Memory foam also promotes the natural flow of blood to your dogs joints and has also been found to help dogs suffering from hip dysplasia.  

Sleeping Position

It is also worth taking note of your dogs sleeping position before choosing a new bed. Some dogs will naturally curl up when sleeping. This is an instinctive behaviour which helps to retain body heat. Others will lay flat, enabling them to get up quickly.

Choosing the correct style of bed, either flat or with sides will allow your dog to adopt their favourite position. 


Hygiene is also an important factor when choosing the perfect dog bed. Whilst some fluffier materials are perfect for dust mites to burrow into, memory foam has a tight structure which can be difficult for dust mites to penetrate.

Pet beds are prone to harbouring bacteria and parasites. Choosing a bed with  removable machine washable covers can make it easier to keep your dogs bed clean and parasite free. 

Kiwi Walker memory foam beds are designed with all these factors in mind.

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