What are the benefits of using natural cleaning products around our dogs?

We’re all unavoidably exposed to different chemicals and toxins on a daily basis. Whilst we cannot change this, we can limit the types of toxic chemicals we are using in our households and around our pets. Dogs have compressed lifespans which means they can also develop health problems from chemical exposures much more rapidly than we do.

Healthier Liver

Once ours and our dog’s bodies are exposed to regularly used household chemicals and cleaners, the liver has to work hard to remove and detoxify them. This oxidation process results in the production of free radicals, and if there are too many free radicals, liver cells and body tissue can become damaged. Although free radicals are produced naturally in the body, using household chemicals can accelerate their production. Switching to natural cleaning products can lessen the burden on the liver to remove unnecessary chemicals.

Stop itching and irritation

Sodium hypochlorite, sodium persulfate, and other nasty chemicals are usually found in common household cleaning products. If these products are being used to clean the floors on which our dogs usually walk, sleep (and also lick), then it can irritate their paws and skin and cause itchiness. This is often not taken into consideration when dogs have developed itchy skin.

Prevent ‘nose blindness’

Bleach and other common cleaning products all have a very strong scent. Dogs do not have the luxury of blocking scents from their nose like we do and it can be over empowering for them. There is potential that these scents can block and prevent them from processing other scents around them. Dogs rely heavily on their sense of smell and if their olfactory system isn’t as it should be, it can cause anxiety, fear and stress. Products containing essential oils often have a much more delicate scent.

Cleaner drinking water

When we’re using chemicals around the house, (especially sprays) they can contaminate our dogs uncovered drinking bowls which our dogs can then ingest. Natural cleaning sprays often contain ingredients like distilled vinegar, which is safe should it accidentally enter our dogs drinking bowl.

Better functioning glands

Phthalates are often found in things like common air fresheners. When sprayed around the home and breathed in, phthalates can disrupt the glands in the endocrine system and cause problems in development and reproduction. Natural cleaning products do not contain such chemicals.

Which natural cleaning products can I switch to?

Herbal Pet Supplies produce natural household cleaning products that are safe to use around pets. These products contain safe essential oils and only distilled vinegar. Distilled vinegar has great antibacterial properties.

These products are available in both and indoor and outdoor cleaner.  

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