What are the benefits of a Perfect Fit harness?

The Perfect Fit harness is a fleece lined walking harness, that is designed to be both comfortable and practical. The harness comes in variable size parts that are pieced together for a custom fit.      

A good fitting harness removes the potential for pain and discomfort caused by ill fitting equipment.   

Good for dogs that escape harnesses

The Perfect Fit harness offers two clips around the dog’s neck to ensure it fits snugly. This means the harness does not need to be put over the dog’s skull. This ensures that the head hole is not too large, which is often the cause of escape.

Each piece of the harness is adjustable around the neck, chest and girth. Getting the correct fit can prevent a dog also stepping out of the harness.

Good for nervous dogs

The Perfect Fit harness has clips on each piece to make fitting easier. Each individual piece can be clipped onto the dog without the need to move the limbs. This offers a much less invasive fitting and can be ideal for dogs that are uncomfortable with being handled.

Freedom of movement

The Perfect Fit harness does not alter a dog’s natural movement. The chest piece runs vertical down the chest rather than horizontal. This Y-shaped design makes sure the harness does not restrict shoulder extension. The shoulder region is hugely important for movement. When a lead is attached, pressure is not put on the joints and bicep muscles.  

The girth strap on the Perfect Fit harness sits just behind the elbows and not on the ribcage. This ensures the dog can freely and comfortably move into a standing, sitting and lying down position.

The front piece sits comfortably on the breast bone, away from the neck to prevent the damage of soft tissue.   

Good for accommodating growth

As each piece of the harness comes in variable sizes, individual pieces can be changed as a dog grows. The harnesses also have adjustable sliders.

Two points of attachment

The Perfect Fit harness has a ring on the top piece and a ring on the chest piece. A double ended lead can be attached to these two rings to help the handler improve control, direction and speed. The two contact points can have a positive effect on a dog’s posture and can make them more aware of their natural balance. This can help calm the dog both physically and mentally and can prevent or reduce pulling.

Fleece lined

Each piece of the harness is lined with wide, soft fleece. The width of the fleece ensures even pressure distribution. The use of fleece also prevents chafing and rubbing and should sit comfortably against the dog’s coat. The fleece also prevents the clips trapping a dog’s fur.

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