Treats for diabetic dogs

A dog that has diabetes ‘Diabetes Mellitus’ cannot produce sufficient insulin in the pancreas or they lack the ability to respond to insulin. Insulin is a hormone which allows the cells to utilise glucose, providing the body with energy.  When a dog has diabetes, their bodies cannot properly utilise these sugars and they will have too much glucose circulating their bloodstream (hyperglycaemia).

When it comes to selecting treats for a diabetic dog, it is important to seek out foods with a low glycemic index. The glycemic index is a scale which gives you an idea of how quickly carbs are converted into glucose. Low GI foods are rated 55 or below, high GI foods are rated 70 or above.

A food with a low glycemic index will be digested more slowly by the body when compared to foods that have a high glycemic index. High glycemic foods are very quickly converted into glucose making blood sugar levels shoot up very fast.

As your dogs’ main diet is likely to contain some source of carbohydrate, it is important to be restrictive when it comes to also selecting treats that contain carbohydrates. It is also a good idea to opt for natural treats and to avoid processed treats that contain fillers such as corn.

It’s best to check with your vet before trying out any new food with a diabetic dog, however the following treats can be recommended in moderation as part of a balanced diet.   

Apples & Pears

Apple and pears have a lovely sweet taste that most dogs adore. They do both contain carbohydrates, but their glycemic index is very low at a score of 38. This is much lower than many other fruits. Apples and pears are high in fibre which can help to stabilise blood sugar and help with the digestion of carbs.

Kiwi Walker 100% freeze dried apple and pear treats are a great option, that have a longer shelf life than fresh fruits.

Rabbit Meat

Rabbit is a great low-fat meat that will not cause a sudden spike in blood sugar levels. It is important to choose low fat meats in order to prevent weight gain. Weight gain and high cholesterol levels can make diabetes more difficult to control.

Kiwi Walker 100% freeze dried rabbit treats contain no additives, sugars or carbohydrates.   


Fish is another good option for weight control. It’s good for dogs that may have become fussy due to its strong aroma.

Fish is also very gentle on the tummy. When it comes to diabetic dogs, cases of sickness and diarrhoea caused by unsuitable treats can cause serious drops in blood sugar levels.

Kiwi Walker 100% freeze dried white fish treats contain only high-quality fish for gentle digestion.

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