Naturavetal Chicken meal with Millet and Carrots – 820g


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The Canis Plus Complete Meal is a complete food menu with a unique combination of ingredients, providing a species-appropriate diet which is easy and flexible for dog owners to handle. The menu contains prime meat, selected vegetables, choice herbs, high-quality hempseed oil and calcium for a wholesome diet. It is a practical alternative feeding method for holidays and raw food eaters. It is suitable, even for sensitive dogs. The carefully balanced recipes of complementary ingredients permits transparent feeding thanks to the open declaration. With over 65% meat from one protein source – supplemented by vegetables and fruit, this grain-free Canis Plus Complete Meal is especially popular. Canis Plus Complete Meals offer an alternative to raw diets or as a tasty change from Naturavetal pure meat products such as Pots or Rolls. They are also ideal for feeding in combination with our cold pressed Canis Plus Dry Food. To do this you serve two meals: half the stated amount of the Complete Meal in one, and half the daily ration of the Canis Plus Dry Food in the other.

Free of synthetic additive, preservatives, dyes, fillers gland GM Free.

  • Poultry meat and offal 65% (muscle meat 50%, heart 15%, stomach 15%, throat 11%, liver 9%)
  • Millet gruel 16%
  • Carrot 8%
  • Chicken meat broth 7%
  • Celery 2%
  • Hempseed oil 1%
  • Parsley 0.5%
  • Dandelion 0.5%

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