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A healthy high meat content, wet dog food containing wild rabbit. Rabbit is a great low fat option, lower in saturated fats than proteins like beef and pork.

Wild rabbits have access to diets such as grasses and vegetable plants, whereas a specifically bred, confined rabbit may have been fed on a high grain, manufactured diet, which can potentially offset a reaction in grain intolerant dogs.

Also containing linseed oil, this food is one of the richest sources of omega 3. Omega 3’s are usually lacking in manufactured pet foods, but Omega 3’s are essential in the health of a dogs skin and coat, immune system and joints.

A small amount of parsley is also added to this recipe. Parsley can help to improve bad breath and it also has great anti-inflammatory properties. helping with urinary tract infections and joint swelling.

Wild Rabbit with root vegetables, linseed oil and parsley

100% natural ingredients in food grade quality

Ingredients: 80% Rabbit and beef (26% rabbit meat, 18% beef meat, 18% beef heart, 15% beef lung, 3% beef liver), 7% carrots, 3% celery, 3% beetroot, 3% ground hazelnut, sea salt, linseed oil, eggshell powder, yucca root extract, mineral earth, parsley

Analytical constituents: crude protein 11.4%, crude fat 11.6%, crude ash 2.6%, crude fibre 1.2%, moisture 68.7%, carbohydrates 4.5%

Energetic feed value: 154kcal/100g

Without artificial flavouring, colouring and preservitives. Does not contain BISPHENOL-A

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