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A wet, single protein, high meat content dog food, containing pasture raised goat. Pasture raised goats have the added benefit of being allowed to graze outdoors on pasture, rather than being confined and fed a high grain diet. Goats fed on a high grain diet may cause allergies when fed to a grain intolerant dog.

This recipe also contains pumpkin. Pumpkin is greatly beneficial to dogs helping with both constipation and upset stomachs. It will also help to replace the potassium lost after a bout of diarrhoea.

An additional benefit of this recipe is rose-hip. Rose-hip has been reported to help dogs with arthritic and joint pain, as well as providing natural vitamin c, to boost the immune system.


80% goat (composed of 70% goat meat and goat heart, 10% goat larynge, 10% goat lung, 10% goat liver), 9% swedes, 8% pumpkin, 2% rose hip and 1% thyme from food production

Analytical constituents:

Crude protein 9,8% (crude protein in the dry matter: 36,03%), crude fat 11,1%, crude ash 1,4%, crude fibre 0,6%, moisture 72,8%

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