Dog Comets Star Shooter Pink


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Playing catch & fetch with your dog never was this much fun before!

Because of its unique design, this launcher will throw the ball 3 times further than other launchers and also, the ball can be picked up hands-free. With a little effort, the ball can be thrown up to 60 metres! Suitable for throwing overhead & underhand. Because of the anti-slip coating, the launcher does not slide out of hand and thanks to the cord it can easily be attached to the wrist.

Dirty hands are history from now on. Because of its unique design, the ball can be picked up from the ground without touching it. The Dog Comets Star Shooter is suitable for balls with a size of 6 cm or smaller. The Dog Comets Star Shooter is very durable. Made of strong plastic, of which also car bumpers and helmets are being produced.

Length: 58 cm
Ball size: M ( 6 cm)

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