Meet our sponsor dog~ Tubby

Tubby is one of our four sponsor dogs. He’s a 5-year-old mixed breed that was rescued as a puppy from Spain. His life in the UK has allowed him to go from strength to strength and he hasn’t looked back since.

What are Tubby’s hobbies?

He’s little but mighty and has a huge love for agility, competing since he was 18 months old. Since then he has progressed through each grade and has now reached grade 7, the highest grade possible. He has also made it to the Championship finals.

Tubby is also part of The Kennel Club Good Citizen programme and has achieved his silver reward. The silver reward required Tubby to complete exercises such as a controlled greetings and food manners. This reward really does show how far Tubby has come since his life in Spain.

Lastly, Tubby also loves performing a huge host of tricks and holds both the Master and Expert Trick Dog titles.

What are Tubby’s favourite products?

Tubby loves anything that will keep him stimulated. He especially loves to sit and enjoy a furry rabbit ear to keep his mind busy. He also knows that they’re exceptionally good for him, acting as a natural de-wormer and being especially low in fat.  

Tubby can’t resist Eden dry dog food. Eden contains up to 80% British meat to keep him in top condition for his agility competitions.

Tubby with his well deserved rosettes.

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