Handmade with LOVE

Introducing our new range of handmade pet toys. Made in Suffolk with love and dedication, we’re sure these will become a firm favourite in your dog’s toy box. 

What are they made from?

We use the highest quality fleece to make our handmade pet toys. It’s tough, super soft and easily washable. Even after washing, the fleece will remain of the upmost quality. The fleece is super snuggly, many dogs even take their toys to bed with them!

What can they be used for?

As our toys are made from fleece, they can be great at holding a scent. A material that holds a scent can be perfect for using in scent work, nose work and trailing exercises.

Fleece is also perfect for puppies. Our toys can be soaked in water or a broth and placed in the freezer. The coldness of the toy can help to alleviate sore gums from teething.

Light and easy to pick up, our handmade toys are ideal for also for teaching retrieval.

Why handmade?

Handmade toys can be more environmentally friendly due to the small amount of materials and energy needed to produce them. Handmade toys do not need machinery or mass transportation to be produced. UK based fleece is received at our site in Suffolk then passed straight back onto the consumer in the form of a toy. This ensures minimum carbon emissions.

We’re a small business with dedicated, appreciative, hardworking staff. When you make a purchase made by ourselves you will be supporting our own pets and families.

Handmade toys are often higher quality. We pay careful attention to the way our toys are made. Every piece of fleece is carefully cut to size and prepared before being made into a toy. This results in a higher quality finish.

Who makes them?

Our handmade toys are made in Lowestoft, Suffolk by our creative staff. Each afternoon is dedicated to coming up with new ideas and producing our handmade toys. We always test our toys with our own pets to make sure they’re the very best they can be.

Shop our handmade with LOVE toys.

Bunnies enjoying our handmade snuffle mat.

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