Getting rid of pesky pests the natural way

Fleas are the most persistent and most annoying pests we occasionally come across as dog owners. Closely followed by ticks, which are more frightening than annoying.

Fleas are hard to get rid of, and they seem to appear from anywhere. They are hiding in our carpets, dog’s bedding, flooring… and they can make our dog miserable, to a point where he will scratch vigorously and damaging his skin.

Tick on the other hand don’t jump or fall from trees or other dogs ; instead, they do something called “questing.”
Ticks operate mainly by using their sense of smell. They climb to the top of a blade of grass or plant and stick their front legs up in the air, waiting for the scent of a victim walking by. If you find one on your head, then it crawled there (ticks don’t jump) . Their front pair of legs have what are called Haller’s organs, which detect smell, temperature, movement and carbon dioxide. This is how they know you’re coming. They love warmth and moisture and are just waiting for a warm, moist environment to call home, such as your dog, you… The great discovery is that, for some reason, they are not attracted to the scent of some essential oils. Yippee!!
Certain essential oils smell so disgusting to ticks (it’s like the smells of food you don’t like or something even worse… cooked tripe… blah), that they would rather go hungry than come any closer to your dog!

The market is flooded with synthetic chemical options for dealing with tick and flea. But we also learning about putting chemicals on our pets and around our homes can be not only worrying, and dangerous but also not always effective.

Thankfully, there is another way, the natural way of using the essential oils.

What are the benefits of essential oils?

The biggest difference between natural and synthetic products is that fleas, ticks (also bacteria) can build up a resistance to synthetic products but not to natural ones. “Why?” You ask. The simplest way to explain is that the synthetic product is always the same, each and every time, forever… So when fleas, ticks and other pesky pests come into contact with a synthetic anti-repelling product for the first time, or the first few times, it gets repelled or/ and even killed. However, with a few more contacts the pets ‘realise’, actually we know how this works, we’re not scared of this one any more, it comes here all the time, acts the same way, nothing new – so
we’ll just build our shield and protect ourselves… And become resistant. Put as simply as possible.

On the other hand, natural products, like essential oils or flower waters, are slightly different every time. Essential oils are made up of different molecules. These molecules and their exact concentration in a particular oil are influenced by outside factors like sunlight, rain, temperature, altitude, etc. Because these factors are constantly changing, the concentration of molecules changes too. This is the reason why two batches of essential oils can never be exactly the same; very, very similar, but not exactly the same. And this is why fleas and ticks (and bacteria ) can’t build up resistance to essential oils… Each time they come into contact with the “same” essential oil, or natural product, it’s teeny tiny bit different from the last one… and the pest says something like “Holy sh…” and there it is…repelled, gone and even dead.

Essential oils like lavender, lemon, geranium, basil effectively repel fleas and ticks, however cedar oil even kills them. Cedar oil is toxic to fleas and tick, rather than juts repellent. Synergetic blends of these oils you can find in our 100% natural products Vita Canis Tick Off and Insect Repelling Citrus Spray.

So, what would you chose for your dog?

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