Are insect-based dog foods better?

In the past few months, insect-based dog foods have hugely grown in popularity. We are more commonly seeing it in news articles and pet stores.

What are insect-based dog foods?

These foods are most commonly made from insects such the black solider fly, crickets or meal-worms. They are selected mainly for their high protein levels and fast natural growth. These foods are often single protein for high digestibility.

Why would you feed an insect-based dog food?

  • Insects are a novel protein, meaning they can be good for dogs that have sensitives.
  • Insects grow naturally quickly, so therefore no growth hormones are needed.
  • Fewer carbon emissions needed versus breeding livestock.

What do we think?

There is no doubt that we should all be making more eco-friendly choices when it comes to our daily lives. Perhaps making a few small changes in our dogs feeding regimes can help contribute to saving the planet.  Producing masses of insects has less of an impact on the environment compared to producing meat. So, in terms of sustainability it is really positive.

Of course, it is worth bearing in mind where the meat in the food you already use is sourced from.  Some meat sources are much more sustainable than others.

In terms of nutritional value, this may depend on a few factors. e.g. what are the insects fed on? what is the percentage of protein compared to other ingredients in the food? which type of insects are used?

All dogs are different, and we believe that some dogs could thrive on an insect-based food, whereas others may do better on a meat-based protein.

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