5 ways to be an eco-friendly dog owner

We all want to care for our pets in the best possible way and the environment may not always be at the forefront of our minds when making pet care decisions. By making a few small changes to our pet care regimes we can help to lessen the impact on the planet.

Compost your dogs waste

With millions of dogs in the UK comes millions of plastic bags of dog waste. By picking up our dog’s waste with compostable bags and turning them into flower food, we can hugely decrease the need for single use, plastic waste bags.  

Beco compostable waste bags can be composted and the compost will be ready in around four weeks.

Try an eco-friendly dog shampoo

Switching to a dog shampoo bar rather than bottled shampoo can help save on single use plastics.

Shampoo bars also generally last longer, they are much more concentrated and do not have large amounts of already added water.

Using a natural, chemical free shampoo can also prevent the release of harmful chemicals into the water supply. This water pollution can affect both us and the wildlife.

Some shampoo brands also contain palm oil which contributes to deforestation and global warming.

Examples of dog shampoo bars include The Dog and I and The Lather Co.

Switch up your cleaning regime

We all know that dogs are prone to bringing mud and dirt into the home. Many of us will often reach for a household spray or wipe without thinking too much into their ingredients. The ingredients in these cleaners can contribute to smog, contaminate water sources and affect drinking water. The toxins can also be absorbed through both ours and our pets’ skin.

Vinegar is a great alternative as a cleaner and neutraliser and can be safely used around dogs. Herbal Pet Supplies eco cleaner contains distilled white wine vinegar (which is naturally brewed when compared to food grade vinegar which often contains chemicals) and a selection of pet friendly scented oils.

Try a natural flea treatment

Recent investigations have found that the common flea treatments we are using on our pets are contributing to the pollution of our waterways. When our dogs enter the water residue from the treatment can enter the water too. The most common brands contain chemicals such as fipronil and permethrin. These ingredients are toxic to aquatic life and some birds.

Try opting for a more natural flea control. Dr Mercola flea and tick defence contain natural flea repelling ingredients such as sesame oil and lemongrass. Because these products repel fleas and ticks rather than actually killing them, there is less risk to harming other insects and wildlife.

Try eco-friendly pet toys

Producing bulk, plastic dog toys uses a large amount of energy and will need mass transportation to reach the consumer.

By choosing handmade or recycled dog toys, we can cut down carbon emissions.

DOG hemp rope toys are handmade in the UK with organically grown hemp and are chemical free.

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