4 Reasons Why Cold Pressed Dog Foods Are Growing in Popularity

The cold pressing process has been used in dog food production for many years. As pet owners have become more aware and conscious of what they are feeding their pets, they are also beginning to recognise the benefits of feeding a cold pressed dog food.  

1. Nutrient Rich

High temperatures can affect both fatty acids and vitamins in food.

Cold pressed foods are made using very low temperatures when compared to extruded kibbles. These low temperatures ensure that all the valuable nutrients in the food are not compromised. This means healthier, nutrient rich food.

2. Raw Alternative

Cold pressed foods have a substantial shelf life making them convenient and practical.

They are often used for times when raw feeding is not convenient or alongside a raw diet. The low processing means that the ingredients are highly digestible making the digestibility similar to a raw food. 

3. Palatable

Due to the low processing, the natural flavours and aromas of the food are preserved. Cold pressed foods have no need for artificial flavourings as they are naturally flavoursome.

4. Digestible

Gently processed foods are easier to digest than highly processed foods. The easier a food is to digest; the better your dog’s digestive tract can operate. Better digestive health means better overall health.

Cold pressed foods quickly break down in the stomach. This means that there is less burden on the body to produce additional digestive enzymes. More strain may be put on the body to produce the enzymes needed to digest highly processed foods.

Thinking of trying out a cold pressed food? Wilson’s cold pressed is one of few cold pressed dog foods to be made in a British factory with British ingredients.  

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