Wilson’s Cold Pressed- What Are The Benefits?

Wilson’s Cold Pressed- What Are The Benefits?

Wilsons Pet Food have come a long way since they were established back in 1861, but they still
maintain the same core values of caring for the pets they make their food for.
One of the most important decisions we make as dog owners is choosing the food we give our
companions. The quality of our dog’s eyes, coat, skin, immune system and even their behaviour all
depend on a healthy diet, and at Wilsons we take this responsibility very seriously. This is the reason
we began developing our Cold Pressed range, to strive for a better performing dog food.

What Is Cold Pressed?

What makes Wilsons’ Cold Pressed dog food different is that it’s cooked at a lower temperature of
around just 65℃, compared to kibbled dog food which is cooked at highs of approx. 145℃.
Cooking at a lower temperature minimises the impact of heat damage to nutrients and the gentle
pressing means the food breaks down quickly and easily making it much better for your dog’s tum!
Unlike traditional kibble that soaks up moisture and expands in the belly which can cause bloating,
with food remaining intact and partially digested for much longer.

What Varieties Are Available?

At Wilsons we are mindful that a well-rounded product also needs good quality ingredients and a
nutritional recipe, so we sought out two of the world’s leading nutritional experts, Milka and Damir
Tesla, to help us come up with a range of delicious and nutritious meals. Using only high-quality
ingredients including British chicken, Welsh lamb, Scottish salmon and wholesome British
vegetables, we produce three different varieties;

  • Secret Pasture, our lamb and rice variety, is the go-to for dogs with suspected allergens and
    has been designed with functional ingredients specifically to help repair and strengthen gut
  • Sunrise Song, containing chicken and vegetables, is the perfect nutritionally complete grain-
    free, premium meal, with a good level of protein using premium UK sourced chicken.
  • Mountain Stream is made with Scottish salmon and sweet potato. Salmon is a high-quality
    protein, crammed with omega-3 fatty acids, providing various health benefits for dogs
    including reduction in inflammation of the joins, alleviation of symptoms of arthritis and
    many more.

Wilsons Pet Food’s Cold Pressed dog food is now available from our site, so click here to order your bag today and see the results in your dog!

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